Alien Revolt | Limited-Edition Alien 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray | Available October 7

  • Create the deadliest Xenomorph breed Post your most dangerous creations to the fan page.

  • Dead Duck Face Post pictures of your best “Xenomorph face” to the fan page with the hashtag #partofthefamily.

  • Prison Tat Draw a barcode on the back of your neck just like one of the Fury inmates and submit the photo to us. #PrisonerOfFury

  • Xenomorph Photoshop Challenge We've released images of the Xenomorph to the public. Tame them by photoshopping them into situations of your

  • Spot the Alien Build your dog a Xenomorph costume and tag the pictures #OxAlien for mega bonus points.

  • WWRD What would Ripley do? Post how you think Ripley would handle stressful everyday events - Submit using #WWRD

  • UFC Who would win in a fight: Ripley or Bishop? Hashtag your answer with #WomanVsAndroid

  • Create Your Android Bishop was designed by Michael Weyland in his own likeness. Design and name your own android and hashtag your creation #MySynthetic