Alien Revolt | Limited-Edition Alien 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray | Available October 7

  • Backup Your Story How could Ripley have proven the existence of the Alien when she returned? #AlienBootcamp

  • Show Your Ink Post a pic of an Alien Tattoo that you have or would get. #AlienTat

  • Betray Your Friends Tag the friends you would sell out for points. #BurkeBetrayal

  • Pick Your Words Wisely Give us your favorite quote from Aliens and tag it #AliensQuote.

  • Design Your Weapon Create a design for the perfect weapon with which to hunt down Aliens for mega-bonus points.

  • Know Your Sh*t The APC was built on the chassis of what decommissioned, military vehicle? #AliensFacts

  • Pick Your Callsign What would you write on your space helmet? #Callsign

  • Get Facehugged Change your profile picture to the facehugger. #GetFaceHugged

  • Get Away from Her Finish this sentence without using words by submitting a photo or drawing. #GetAwayfromHer

  • Kill the Queen Give us your best fan art featuring Ripley & Bishop vs the Queen for extra mega bonus points.