Alien Revolt | Limited-Edition Alien 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray | Available October 7

    • Recruit Survivors Share a personalized link to the signup page and earn points every time you get a recruit. #AlienBootcamp

    • Unleash The Facehugger Share this picture of the egg to earn points

    • Pick Your Last Meal What would your last meal be if you were infected by a xenomorph? Give us your answer with the hashtag #MyLastMeal

    • Spare A Victim Which dead crew member should have been spared? Let us know with the hashtag #DidntDeserveToDie

    • Smuggle The Xenomorph Slip the word "Xenomorph" into a normal post. #AlienSmuggler

    • Giger Up What's your favorite piece of HR Giger concept art. Share it with the hashtag #GigerUp.

    • Choose Your Demise Boiled in Alien acid blood or exploded from the inside out from a chestburster? Answer with #DeathByAlien.

    • Prepare for Escape If you had to leave on an escape shuttle right now, what would be the three things you would take? Tell us with the hashtag #Narcissus.

    • Save Jones Submit your fan art featuring Jones for more mega-bonus points. Hashtag it #ScaredyCat.